Rakelch Sookul
Mauritius, Port Louis, Portlouis,
Friday, March 30, 2018 9:00:01 AM Mauritius Time
Job Type Health

Benefits you will get during and after completion of course : Learn the original, authentic history of Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Be knowledgeable about the self-healing system of Reiki.

Learn how to give Reiki treatments to both yourself and others.

Begin to heal your own physical and emotional issues and experience emotional and physical release now.

Feel grounded, balanced and comfortable with yourself.

Learn instant techniques on how to relax and clear your mind.

Gain a clear understanding of energy work.

Develop your compassionate and loving aspects.

Discover and experience calmness, peace and stillness within yourself.

Feel more confident and happy.

Better relationships.

Gain clear understanding of your life.

Feel strong and more centred.

Empowered to transform your life.

Help others.

Receive individual ongoing support and guidance from your teacher.

Prerequisite: age at least 16 years old 

Suitable for: This important foundation level is suitable for absolute beginners to energetically experienced Practitioners and Therapists from other disciplines. It is also suitable for those who are currently trained in Western Reiki styles who wish to learn the traditional Reiki system from the Japanese perspective. You shall develop new skills and self consciousness for real boosted self esteem.

Certification: Each student on completion of the course will receive a quality, professional certificate and comprehensive Shoden Level I instruction manual with exerts from the original Japanese manuals. Certificate accredited by International Association For Professional Reiki Practitioners

Duration: 3 months once per week.

Course times: Day 9.30am till 11:30a.mpm.On Sundays

Venues: Desforges Street, 3rd floor, Mamodally court, 

Your teacher/facilitator:Mr. R. Sookul Master and Teacher with Diploma in Reiki Level 3 Shinpiden, 

Diploma in Life Coaching and Health Studies with more than 2 years experience in Teaching and more than 15 years of experience in Medical Field

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